Wandering Liguria: A Guide to the Region of Italy

Information, maps, and pictures of Ligurian attractions

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The FAQs About Liguria

Where is Liguria in Italy?

Liguria is on the northwest coast of Italy, bounded by the country of France on the west, the Italian region of Piemone on the north, and Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany on the east.

What is Liguria famous for?
What are the most famous dishes in Liguria?

For a list of other dishes associated with Liguria and the Italian Riviera and links to how they're prepared, see the Ligurian Specialties

What is the Italian Riviera?

Riviera is Italian word for Coastline. There are two named rivieras in Liguria, the Riviera di Ponente covering the eastern part of Liguria, and the Riviera di Levante in the west. You can see them on our map of Liguria.

How big is Liguria?

Liguria has a population of 1,557,533. It is the third smallest region of Italy. The map below shows it overlayed on a map of the states in the center of the US.

how big is liguria
What is the capital of Liguria?

Genoa, which is also the name of the province Genoa is located within. At one time, almost all of Liguria was a former territor of the Republic of Genoa.

How to find parking in Liguria?

Here is a slice of life that touches on the recent culture of going everywhere in a car in a country that isn't built for cars not being driven: How to Find a Good Parking Spot in Liguria.


7 Great Places to go in Liguria

Our favorite places in Liguria and along the Italian Riviera.

Hidden Liguria: Chiavari

Is Chiavari the most underrated city along the Italian Riviera? I'm almost certain of it.

The Rock Villages

Liguria isn't all seashore, those rugged mountains beckon the interested wanderer to take a closer look

Two week Tour of Liguria

Two Weeks of Luxury travel can bring you the best of Liguria. This is a private tour.

Things to Do in Genoa, the Capital of Liguria

Map of Genoa Province

Genoa province features an abundance of seaside towns and villages to discover. Genoa is both the capital of the province and Liguria.

Christopher Columbus and Genoa

Every Day is Columbus Day in Liguria. Columbus was from Genoa.

Museo di Palazzo Reale Genoa

See how the well-to-do Genovese Lived during Genoa's golden era.

Genoa's Port and Medieval Alleys

This is what you come to Genoa for, besides the Pesto and Fresh seafood.