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Devastating, Lethal Floods in Cinque Terre
Floods on October 25, 2011 Devastated Cinque Terre and other Riviera sites

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Genoa’s Celebrated Mercato Orientale

Find what you need for fine cooking and eating

Genoa’s Port and Medieval Alleys

Look back at old Genoa and be amazed

Genoa City of Art, Culture and Great Food

The city has rarely been more prosperous, cleaner, and more appealing

Christopher Columbus and Genoa

Every Day is Columbus Day in Liguria

Gallette, Italian Riviera sea biscuits

Ligurian hardtack, unique and useful in Genovese cuisine

Genoa: Monthly Regional Food Market

Visit Genoa's monthly artisanal specialty food market featuring local Ligurian products and those of the many regions of Italy

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