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by James Martin

David Downie is a San Franciscan who moved to Paris in the mid 1980s and now divides his time between France and Italy. His travel, food and arts features have appeared in dozens of magazines and newspapers worldwide. He’s currently a European contributor to the Internet’s popular literary travel website, Gadling.com, and co-owner and operator (with Alison Harris) of Paris, Paris Tours where you can sign up for custom walking tours of Paris (and Burgundy, Rome & the Italian Riviera).

Downie is the author of a dozen nonfiction books and two thrillers, most recently Paris City of Night. His books include Enchanted Liguria: A Celebration of the Culture, Lifestyle and Food of the Italian Riviera; Cooking the Roman Way: Authentic Recipes from the Home Cooks and Trattorias of Rome; and Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light, a critically acclaimed collection of travel essays. The reissue of Paris, Paris—updated, expanded and redesigned—is published by Broadway Books in the “Armchair Traveler” series. Downie’s latest food-and-wine-related books are Food Wine The Italian Riviera & Genoa (The Terroir Guides), Food Wine Rome, and Food Wine Burgundy, all in the Terroir Guides series published by The Little Bookroom. Also new for 2011 is Quiet Corners of Rome, a loving exploration of The Eternal City, with striking photos by Alison Harris.

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Paula Wolfert Introduces Author David Downie

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