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About James Martin

james martin pictureJames is a writer and photographer who splits his time between northern Tuscany and California. He runs the “Wandering” network of websites about travel in Europe, as well as Mapping Europe. He lives half the year in far northern Tuscany near the border with Liguria, in a little-known historic territory called La Lunigiana, where many of the population make their own food and wine instead of depending upon gigantic crap food companies for sustenance. He’s learned a lot about Italian culture in those 20 some years.

The Wandering Liguria website is hand made with the help of pico css and textpattern. No wombats were injured in its production.

My Advice on Vacations in Europe

Don’t over plan your vacation. Leave room for those memorable surprise moments. Approach travel like a child; with a sense of wonder at the new world you’re privileged to see. Eat what the locals eat, which is likely what the cook wants to cook. You don’t have to control as much as you think you do, let the joys of a place come to you.

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