Rapallo as seen from the boar's-eye perspective

by David Downie

Ready for an aerial view of Rapallo, shot from the wild side?

This seaside resort on the Italian Riviera – like nearby Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino – is the height of sophistication. But the mountains surrounding this area are rough and ready. Wild boars abound. Your intrepid reporter David Downie climbed the trekking trails into the mountains northwest of town and looked back down on Rapallo and its glitzy marina, full of the motor-yachts of millionaires.

The video is shaky for a simple reason: Downie shot it from a cliff face, and while he was at it, a family of wild boars showed up. There was no real danger (probably), but Downie decamped pronto.

Watch a video in which you see the port of Rapallo from the boar’s-eye perspective

Rapallo as seen from the boar's-eye perspective originally appeared on WanderingLiguria.com Sep 19, 2011, © David Downie



  1. Hi James:
    You also know you’re in Liguria when you get pesto sauce and not pomodoro.

    Joe Palisi · Sep 22, 01:49 PM · #

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