Genoa Flooding November 4, 2011

Update on the Cinque Terre floods of November, 2011

by David Downie

Flash Flooding in Genoa this time, Nov 4

The flash flooding that has wreaked havoc on much of Liguria, parts of northern Tuscany, and southern France, struck Genoa hard on Nov 4. Six people were killed. Parts of the city along streams and rivers were underwater and the clean up continued for days.

Fortunately most of the historic center of Genoa were spared.

Here is some footage of the latest flooding. For weather reports on Liguria, please consult the weather page on this website.

This is an amateur video:

Genoa Flooding November 4, 2011 originally appeared on Nov 08, 2011, updated: Dec 29, 2020 © David Downie

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