Winter Wander Land: the Riviera in Winter

Need a winter wonderland? Liguria might surprise you!

by David Downie

Winter Wander Land

Winter is often a delightful time to be in Liguria: the crowds thin, the prices come down, and the weather is often mild and invigorating.

This winter has been the coldest in a generation: it has not snowed or been this freezing for this long since the mid 1980s.

But the cold has its advantages: what could be more gorgeous than sea, snow and sun? We’ve had lots of each. Today for instance it is bracing and brisk but the sun is shining bright.

Please come wander with us in Liguria, truly a magical winter Wander Land!

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Winter Wander Land: the Riviera in Winter originally appeared on Feb 06, 2012, updated: Jul 23, 2023 © David Downie

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