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  • 5 Places to Go on the Italian Riviera [899]

    Five of the best seaside towns and villages to visit in along the Italian Riviera.

  • Savona Province Map & Guide [393]

    The Savona province of Liguria offers some interesting opportunities for travelers, from a geopark with monastery to the wonders in the less touristed town of Noli.

  • La Spezia Province Map [830]

    In many ways, La Spezia province is the most compelling of Liguria’s four provinces. Here you’ll find the vaunted villages of Le Cinque Terre (shown in red on the map), the romantic Gulf of Poets, and one of my favorite haunts, the Bocca di Magra, the mouth of the Magra river as it empties into the Ligurian Sea near the marble mountains behind Massa and Carrara.

  • David Downie - Author [304]
  • Map of Liguria Provinces and Major Cities [1561]

    A map and travel guide to Liguria, showing the popular places to go on the Italian Riviera, from Genoa to the Cinque Terre.

  • Pandolce sweet bread [142]

    Pandolce, the Ligurian dessert cake, is found from the Cinque Terre near Tuscany, to Genoa, and all the way to Ventimiglia on the border with France. Ligurians call pandolce “pandöçe” in their challenging, tongue-dislocating dialect.