Savona Weather and Historic Climate Information

savona weather and climate

by James Martin

Savona is the capital of the Savona Province of Liguria. The city sits on the Riviera di Ponente rising out of the Mediterranean Sea. It was once known for its iron industry. Cristopher Columbus had a little house in the Savona hills where he chronicled his adventures while farming the land. Today Savona is know for yachts and tourists, as well as a sunny and warm seaside climate.

Savona has a Mediterranean climate, classified as warm and temperate, with more precipitation in the winter than the summer. Take a look at the charts below for historic temperature and precipitation information you can use in planning your trip. Notice that the nighttime temperatures are relatively warm throughout the year.

Historic Temperature and Precipitation Charts

savona liguria temperature chart
Average monthly high and low temperatures for Savona, Liguria in Farenheit
savona rain chart
Monthly precipitation chart for Savona, Liguria

The “rainy season” in which the monthly precipitation is over three inches, runs from

Sea Temperatures

Sea Temperatures generally peak in July. The average sea temperatures stay above 60 degrees Farenheit from October through March.

Current Weather

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