Portofino Weather and Climate for Tourists

Italian Riviera Lux with a yacht harbor and everything!

portofino weather and climate

by James Martin

Portofino was once an Italian Riviera fishing village with a picturesque harbor loaded with yachts and fronted by pastel-colored houses. It’s located in the Genoa province of Liguria. It is not a cheap place to hang around in, but makes a wonderful day trip from less expensive cities on the Ligurian coast.

Portofino offers the typical Mediterranean climate, with little rain in the summer and more in the fall and winter, October being the wettest month by far, and July the hottest, as you can see by the climate charts below.

Average Monthly Temperatures and Rainfall Charts

portofino italy temperature chart
Monthly high and low average temperatures in Farenheit for Portofino, Italy
portofino italy precipitation chart
Average Rainfall in Portofino, Italy

The sea temperatures around Portofino are warm from May through October.

Places to stay in Portofino are relatively expensive, even for the pricey Italian Riviera, but the Belmond Hotel Splendido is top-rated for a hotel with a view over the yacht harbor.

What’s the Weather Like Now in Portofino?


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