Bordighera Weather and Climate for Tourists

Perfect Italian Riviera weather.

bordighera weather and historic climate charts

by James Martin

Bordighera was beloved by the English who came for the fabulous climate with temperatures a few degrees warmer in both summer and winter over other Italian Riviera cities—with little rain in the summer. The Ligurian town is famous for its flowers, palm trees, and formal gardens, as well as olive oil as you might expect from the charts.

Bordighera is found on the western shores of Imperia province of Liguria, a very interesting province for destinations by the sea as well as the rock villages inland. It is a mere 12 miles from France; you can see it with the naked eye from the shore.

Monthly Temperature and Precipitation Charts for Bordighera

bordighera temperature graph
Bordighera Monthly High and Low Temperature in Farenheit Graph
bordighera precipitation graph
Bordighera Typical Monthly Rainfall

The typical Mediterranean climate as seen here shows the dry summers and wet winters, especially in October and November. July is both the warmest and driest month.

Sea Temperatures

Traditionally the sea temperatures ramp up sharply from May into June. June through September is the best time for swimming in warm waters, with the August sea temperatures reaching around 73 degrees Fahrenheit in Bordighera. Then the rains come.

Current Weather Conditions in Bordighera

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