Cinque Terre: Update on Rebuilding After Flood Damage
The five lands have taken a beating but keep on ticking!

vernazza from coast trail

by David Downie

2016 Update: All towns are open, however hiking trails are closed periodically due to damage. The short Via dell’Amore is closed due to damage but repairs are underway and it is scheduled to re-open in 2017.

Cinque Terre Cleaning up, Reopening for Business

Last year WanderingLiguria reported on the devastating floods that hit the Cinque Terre, with heavy damage in particular to Vernazza and Monterosso (please see our articles archive for stories posted on Oct 30 and Nov 8, 2011).

Since then, local residents and authorities have been working day and night to repair roads and hiking trails, reopen businesses, and prepare this stretch of Ligurian coast for spring and the arrival of hundreds of thousands of visitors.

The good news is, real progress is being made. Though it is too early to claim that “things are back to normal,” certainly, compared to our last report, much is better.

Visit our Weather page for real-time updates on local weather in the Cinque Terre and elsewhere on the Italian Riviera. Our articles archive also offers useful links to the Cinque Terre National Park and other sources.

Our sister website WanderingItaly also features Vernazza and the rebuilding.

Cinque Terre: Update on Rebuilding After Flood Damage originally appeared on Jan 05, 2012, © David Downie

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