Lunae Bosoni Winery: Winery of the Year 2020
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cantine lunae 2020

by James Martin

Liguria wine wins the wine sweepstakes in the Vinitaly recent competition that named a pair of Cantine Lunae wines the best white wines on the boot. A Schiacchetrà DOP 2018 from the Cinque Terre was named the best sweet wine in Italy. In addition, Cantine Lunae Bosoni took the most coveted award: “Winery of the year – Gran Vinitaly 2020”

This is my home winery when I’m in the Lunigiana. It’s a fabulous place to buy fine wines of the region.

On top of the 2020 winners list you’ll find:

Best wines – Best white wine
Colli Di Luni Doc Vermentino “Black Label” 2019
Cantine Lunae Bosoni SRL – Luni (Sp)
Score 96

Best wines – Best sweet wine
Cinque Terre Schiacchetrà Dop 2018
Azienda Agricola Possa Di Bonanini Samuele Heydi – Riomaggiore (Sp)
Score 98

Colli di Luni doc Vermentino “Closed Number” 2016
Cantine Lunae Bosoni SRL – Luni (Sp)
Score : 96

(See the whole list here)

Cantine Lunae: Tourists in Luguria take note

Besides fabulous wine (and a great many of them, including vino sfuso) Cantina Lunae has two other important traits to take note of. It is a place to go to for Cantine Aperte, Open Cantinas, because they feature a fine event with music and artisanal foods from the region.

lunai winery, cantina lunae
Lunae Winery during Cantine Aperte

Then there’s the location. It’s in the Colli di Luni, indicating the hills around Luni, the ancient Roman port that shipped marble all over the Roman world. Parts of Luni, most notably the amphitheater, are still standing and you can visit—and it’s just a few minutes drive south of the tasting room. To the northwest there’s the town of Sarzana, a great place to eat (choose anywhere) that happens to have two castles, one at the edge of town and one up the ridge called Sarzanello. Both are in fabulous shape, as you can see in the picture below. Cantina Lunae is located on the eastern edge of La Spezia province.

sarzanello castle
Sarzanello Castle north of Sarzana

Travel Essentials

Cantine Lunae
Via Palvotrisia, 2, 19030 Castelnuovo Magra SP, Italy

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