Pandolce sweet bread
You need to sink your teeth into some Pandolce, the Italian Riviera's famous sweet bread

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by David Downie

Pandolce, the Italian Riviera’s famous sweet bread

As anyone who has wandered the Italian Riviera soon discovers, pandolce is one of Liguria’s culinary icons.

Pandolce is found from the Cinque Terre near Tuscany, to Genoa, and all the way to Ventimiglia on the border with France. Ligurians call pandolce “pandöçe” in their challenging, tongue-dislocating dialect.

For lack of a better description in English, you might reasonably call it a Christmas fruit cake.

To read more about pandolce and find a recipe adapted from my book, “Enchanted Liguria”, click here and visit my personal blog.

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Pandolce sweet bread originally appeared on Sep 25, 2011, updated: Dec 29, 2020 © David Downie

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