Camogli: Swimming Weather in Late September
September is a fine month for swimming and scuba diving near Portofino

Camogli, Italian Riviera, Swimming beach

by David Downie

The weather today in Camogli?

Judge for yourself.

For those who lover scorching summer heat, today might be a bit cool: it’s only in the 80s F. The water is warm and, according to swimmers interviewed this morning here, clean and clear.

September is the month for scuba divers on the Italian Riviera. They set out from Camogli several times a week in specially equipped diving boats to explore the Parco Marino — the marine wildlife refuge that stretches along the coast from Camogli past San Fruttuoso to Portofino.

One favorite diving destination is the entrance to the tiny harbor at San Fruttuoso. It’s here that you’ll find the famous “Cristo degli Abissi,” a submerged sculpture showing Christ, his arms stretched upwards to the light.

Plain old swimmers are well served by September weather almost everywhere on the Italian Riviera. And October can be just as beautiful.

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Photo and video copyright David Downie

Camogli: Swimming Weather in Late September originally appeared on Sep 23, 2011, © David Downie

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